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Vanguard 6" Optical Crystal Award w/ Diamond

# SP179A-D A-D5 day production time123.00 - 135.00 | Min Qty 1

"Vanguard" is defined as the position of greatest importance. To achieve this position requires dedication, determination and strong leadership skills. "Vanguard w/ Diamond", is an ideal recognition gift or achievement award. Each stunning crystal sculpture is handcrafted from the world's finest optical crystal and features a mirror-backed base relief Diamond shape emerging from the sculpture. Each figure includes a large surface area for etching. crystal world, vanguard, diamond, jewel, gem, gemstone, slant, crystal, cut, glass, optical, faceted, etching, engraving, figurine, product, sculpture, handcrafted, hand made, award, awards, trophy, trophies, paperweight, paper, weight, recognition, incentive, service, achievement, retirement, anniversary, executive, finance, financial, business, sales, leader, leadership, accomplishment, corporate, gift, gifts, entertainment, public, religious, minister, priest, government, military, patriotic, political, sports, athletics, education, teacher, professor, educator, world crystal world, vanguard, diamond, brilliant, 3-dimensional, 3-D, jewelry, jewel, pentagonal, pentagon, 5 side, slant, top, crystal, cut, glass, optical, faceted, etching, product, sculpture, handcrafted, hand made, handmade, award, awards, trophy, trophies, recognition, incentive, service, achievement, leadership, leader, anniversary, executive, business, corporate, gift, gifts, entertainment, government, military, sports, education